Tuesday, May 31, 2016

(Product Review) Ohuhu 4x4x4 Stickerless and Anti-pop Speed Cube with Solid Color

Ohuhu 4x4x4 Stickerless and Anti-pop Speed Cube with Solid Color Image

I have loved the Rubik's cubes ever since they first came out, and have used both 2x2x2 and the 3x3x3 cubes before the Ohuhu 4x4x4 Stickerless and Anti-pop Speed Cube with Solid Color is my first speed cube with so many squares.

This one has 4 rows of 4 squares on each of the 6 sides. The squares are brightly colored, and there are no stickers to peel off and get lost. The sides all turn easily and I have had no problems with them jamming or sticking.

It might be just my big clumsy hands, but it is hard for me to turn the rows as quickly because there are more rows. I am much faster with the cubes with less rows on them. This most likely isn't the fault of the product, but I think it would go faster if it were just a tiny bit larger. This might not work as well for those with smaller hands though.

I love the challenge involved in solving these cubes, and although I had mastered the 3x3x3 one years ago, I am far from mastering this one. It does come with a tutorial for those who want to learn how to do it, but for now I will just keep playing with it without written instructions.

It makes a great stress reliever and keeps my hands busy when I need to sit and relax for a bit. Maybe one of these days I will actually solve it, but I'm pretty sure it won't be right away. In the mean time I will just enjoy playing with this fun and educational toy.

Although I was offered this product at a discount or received a complimentary sample in exchange for my fair and honest review, all thoughts and opinions on the products I review are always my own and have not been influenced by any discounts or samples which may have been provided to me for testing purposes. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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