Sunday, May 15, 2016

(Product Review) Silicone Coasters for Drinks (6 Pack) With Holder and Ice Ball Maker Mold by Wisepalace

Wherever drinks are served you will need a couple of things and this Silicone Coasters for Drinks (6 Pack) With Holder and Ice Ball Maker Mold by Wisepalace is a winning combination.

This set contains 6 silicone coasters which are nonstick and nonskid. The double sided pattern means that they work just as well on either side. They don't slide around, and don't stick to your glass like some of the others I have used.

Although they don't absorb the moisture or condensation from your glass, the grooved pattern provides a place for the drips to gather in the grooves in the coaster rather than dripping down onto your table. These 4.3 inch coasters are larger than some of the others I have as well and do an excellent job of protecting my furniture from drips and dribbles. These work great for both hot and cold liquids so you never have to worry about water rings or small spills when setting your drink on your furniture.

Not only that but these are great in the kitchen for other things. Because they are made from a heat resistant silicone, these also work great for setting hot pans on without worrying about them melting or heating up, and they do a wonderful job of protecting your kitchen surfaces. They also can be used to help lift a hot pan by using these to grip the hot handles without burning myself. The coasters store neatly in the included holder when not in use, but we use them nearly every day so my holder is rarely full.

Along with the set of 6 coasters, the iceball maker is another much used product. It makes 4 perfect 2 inch diameter ice spheres at once, and you can use these in your mixed drinks, punch bowl, or beverage pitcher. Because they are a larger ice ball, they don't melt quickly so they don't water down your drinks as much as smaller ice cubes would.

Although they are larger than some other ice cubes though, they are still small enough that they fit nicely into most glasses. I have used them for mixed drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and other drinks and they work wonderfully in most glasses we use.

In addition to making plain ice spheres with this ice ball maker, you could also make flavored ice balls by filling it with punch, juice, or iced tea, or you could add fresh fruits or herbs before freezing to make ice balls that add more flavor to your drinks instead of diluting them. I added a bit of lemon to a few of them and added these ice balls to my iced tea and lemonade. They kept my drinks nicely chilled and did not water them down. My grandchildren enjoyed having their ice cubes made from fruit punch and added to their glass of orange juice.

These ice balls are easy to use by placing the 2 piece mold together then filling through the hole in the top of the mold. I had no problems with leaking, and there is a channel which catches any water that may overflow from the mold as it freezes. Since water does expand as it freezes, this is a great way to keep any excess liquid contained.

Both the coasters and the ice sphere maker are dishwasher safe which makes them very easy to clean. This is a fun and practical set which is great to have in your own home or would also make an excellent gift.

Although I was offered this product at a discount or received a complimentary sample in exchange for my fair and honest review, all thoughts and opinions on the products I review are always my own and have not been influenced by any discounts or samples which may have been provided to me for testing purposes. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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