Tuesday, March 1, 2016

(Product Review) White Chalk/Liquid Markers-4 Pack Plus 8 Chalkboard Labels

I use the White Chalk/Liquid Markers-4 Pack Plus 8 Chalkboard Labels-Water-Based Pens with Reversible Tips for various tasks around the house. You can use these liquid markers on most non-porous surfaces, then wash it off whenever you want.

This set of 4 markers comes with 8 chalkboard labels so you can label your totes or canisters, then wash the old writing off and change to something new. These work well for labeling refrigerator or pantry contents. They make it easy to change the dates, or the contents of your containers.

I have been using them to label the contents of my cupboards and pantry, but they work well for mirrors, glass, metal, car windows and more. The ink is washable, so these work great for kids of all ages, as well as for business use or other uses around the house.

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