Wednesday, July 6, 2016

(Product Review) Chef's Secret Non-Stick Aluminum Indoor Stovetop Grill with Stainless Steel Base

I love grilling food and do it often during the warmer weather. I don't generally set up the barbecue grill when I am just cooking for myself though. I have been using this Chef's Secret Non-Stick Aluminum Indoor Stovetop Grill with Stainless Steel Base for grilling hamburgers, chicken fillets, and steaks indoors and have been really happy with the results. The nonstick surface is wonderful, and absolutely nothing has stuck to it.

This is a two piece indoor grill that you place on the burner of your gas or electric stovetop. The bottom part is a ring that should be filled with water, then place the grill plate on top of the ring. Turn your burner to a lower setting and your foods will cook nicely.

As your foods cook, the fats drip down through the slots around the ring and drip into the water below. Keep the temperature at a lower setting since if the heat is too high you may splatter some of it into your burner. Be certain to keep water in the lower part at all times to avoid burning your foods or ruining your grill. If you notice any smoking, it probably means that your heat should be turned down a bit.

I really loved the way my foods cooked on this grill. The only thing I would change is to make the ring hold slightly more water, and possibly add a handle so it could be moved if necessary while cooking. The surface does get very hot so I wouldn't recommend grabbing it while in use or for several minutes after the burner has been turned off. I haven't had any problems with the water running low while cooking since I haven't used it for anything that requires extensive cooking times, but am not sure how you would go about checking or refilling the water if necessary without cooling the grill first.

Although I was offered this product at a discount or received a complimentary sample in exchange for my fair and honest review, all thoughts and opinions on the products I review are always my own and have not been influenced by any discounts or samples which may have been provided to me for testing purposes. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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