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Thursday, June 30, 2016

(Product Review) Karnotech 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver 1200 DPI Portable Mice with Mute & Hidden Windows & Lock Screen Keys (VMW-172 Black)

I recently got this Karnotech 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver 1200 DPI Portable Mice with Mute & Hidden Windows & Lock Screen Keys (VMW-172 Black). It was easy to pair and seems to work well.

It fits comfortably in my hand, and is easy to use. The size is just a little smaller than my previous mouse, which works well for me since my hands aren't extremely large. The mouse is powered by a AA battery.

In addition to the standard buttons it has a couple of extra buttons that you may or may not enjoy having on your mouse. One button shrinks your windows and mutes things, which would maybe be good for those who wanted to hide their activities when the boss came in. I haven't really found a situation where I would need to use this button, but I am sure it would be useful for some.

The other button is a lock screen button which will lock things up on your computer. I really don't care for the location of this button since it is close to where my thumb naturally rests. I haven't bumped the button yet, although I have come close, and have read other reviews from those who have. I think that the button could be moved to a better location, although it really doesn't bother me since I haven't accidentally bumped it yet. I suppose I would be less satisfied with this mouse if I were to bump it a few times when I didn't want to, but since this hasn't happened yet, I am quite happy with it. If my opinion changes I will update, but for now I would be happy to recommend this wireless mouse.

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