Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Open Letter To Amazon Support

The following is the latest message I have sent to Amazon support regarding the removal of my reviews from the site. I have still not received a response to the message I sent them this weekend, but I will not give up this easily. I did nothing wrong, and will continue my efforts to regain my reviews and reviewing privileges that were wrongfully taken from me.

I am writing you again for clarification. If you claim that I violated your guidelines then I feel I have a right to know in what way they were violated. I have gone over the guidelines multiple times and there are no violations that I can find. If I have in any way violated the rules, I need to know what I could have possibly done wrong.

Per your guidelines:

I have spent much more than $5 on amazon, including multiple purchases made over several years. 

All reviews I have written were about the product being reviewed. My reviews mention whether or not I like the product as well as what I like or dislike about it. I try to include specifics about the products, and always provide my honest opinion.

I have not included any inappropriate or offensive content in my reviews.

My reviews contain no promotional content. I have no relationship with the sellers of any of the products I have reviewed, nor am I in competition with any of them. I have not been paid, nor have I received any compensation for reviewing any of these products except where disclaimers were provided in accordance with both Amazon terms and the FTC regulations. 

Unless you have some hidden rules that I am not able to find, I have not violated any of the rules posted on Amazon. If there are other rules which I am unable to find, please share them with me as well as the rest of the Amazon reviewers. If not, please tell me what rules you feel I violated since I have checked and re-checked these rules for any hint of a violation and was not able to find anything I could have possibly done wrong.

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